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Longjiang installation of Gaoqi road

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Heilongjiang Construction Installation Group Co., Ltd. high-tech field for new energy and energy saving。The company has always adhered to the road of independent innovation, strengthened its core capacity construction, and has now developed into a technology innovative enterprise with strong scientific research strength。The group has a large number of advanced research, production, testing and testing equipment, with a number of scientific and technological research and development personnel。It has formed a technological innovation model based on independent research and development and supplemented by joint development。

Interview guest: Longjiang Installation Group director, chief engineer Li Changshan

Q: Mr. Li, recently, the group was approved as a "National high-tech Enterprise", becoming the first national high-tech enterprise in the construction and installation industry in our province。Can you tell us how this strategy came about?

Liu Xiaoshan, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the group, believes that Longjiang Installation Group has the potential for high-quality development。At the beginning of 2019, Chairman Liu just took office and began to plan how to make the enterprise develop with high quality?After an in-depth investigation of 13 ownership enterprises, we decided to start from the declaration of high-tech enterprises。Therefore, as one of the important strategies of the group, it is proposed to build Longjiang installation into a high-tech enterprise within three years。The declaration of high-tech enterprises to the successful recognition,Went through a process of unity of thought,起初,There are doubts about the chances of success,Or even think that even success does not necessarily bring any benefits to the company,For unity of thought,Let us strengthen confidence,We have repeatedly asked experts to explain to the group: the connotation of high, the conditions of declaration,At the same time analyze the conditions of our group,The likelihood of certification success,What advantages can be brought to the enterprise after success and so on。In June 2019, the chairman led the team to China Construction Installation and Shanxi installation benchmark process, and also conducted a special consultation on the declaration of high enterprises. These two enterprises are high-tech enterprises, and they have experienced more than a three-year review cycle。Later, special research was carried out。All of these strengthened our determination to declare high, and more importantly, gave us the confidence to recognize success in the year。Therefore, the special Party committee and the Board of directors were held to formally propose this strategic initiative, and the issue was unanimously adopted。On April 30, the official launch of the declaration work can be said that from this day on, Longjiang installation has also embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading。

Q: As we all know, the national high-tech enterprise declaration is a complex work, to go through heavy screening, meet a variety of declaration conditions, and the state's certification requirements for high-tech enterprises are becoming stricter year by year, in the entire declaration process, what work we have done?

We achieved the breakthrough results of the declaration and approval in the year (officially launched on April 30, issued on December 3, lasting 7 months)。In these seven months, the reporting team has not taken a single weekend off。In the words of Liu Bin, the manager of the technology development center, all the people involved in this work have done their best, the stars and the moon, what we have experienced is self-evident, both physical hard work, but also mental suffering, more countless tangled, of course, there is the joy of solidarity and the joy of final success。The whole declaration process is extremely complex, after the early in-depth research, consultation, unified thinking, the establishment of a high-level declaration work leading organization, the chairman of the general command, the technical development center is responsible for the specific work。In accordance with the process and specific requirements of high enterprise declaration,The battle began,It took more than three months,Contracts, equipment, internal industry information, financial data, invoices, research and development personnel, construction methods, patents, cost collection, establishment of auxiliary accounts, sorting out the results of transformation materials, etc., in 2016, 2017 and 20183;The articles of Association of the Technical Committee of the Group were revised,Measures for the management of scientific and technological research and development projects have been formulated,Prepare R & D project proposal,Write the result transformation description,Field matching, revenue matching and so on。Before uploading and reporting, we repeatedly reviewed each material, and completed a total of 6,649 copies of declaration materials, printed more than 20,000 pages of A4 paper, and assembled 11 volumes。Through the joint efforts of the Group's technology development center and the ownership company, all the materials were successfully uploaded and accepted in August。However, after the review of experts organized by the provincial Science and Technology Department, due to the differences in the degree of correlation between the fields we identified and the high-tech field, coupled with the small support of the group's independent intellectual property rights, we were listed on the first batch of public lists, which undoubtedly dealt a huge blow to the participants。At the critical moment, we saw the persistence of the chairman, and got the encouragement of the chairman, the declaration team did not lose confidence, we calmly analyzed the reasons, identified the gap, decided to change the field, re-comb, supplement the material, and declare again。Although it is only 19 days from the second audit, comrades have worked hard day and night and worked overtime to successfully upload all materials in advance and enter the second batch of reviews as scheduled。Throughout the process, I think it once again reflects the centripetal force and cohesion of the group, and proves that Longan people have the most sense of mission and the most winning ability!

Q: What technical advantages does the Group currently have to help us declare a high success?

The reason why we were able to declare that year and were approved that year is precisely because the group itself has certain technical advantages, and it is also the main reason why the chairman of the Board was able to decisively judge that the group should start from the declaration of high quality development at the beginning of the year。Over the years, the group has the enthusiasm and ability of independent innovation and independent research and development, the average annual transformation of scientific and technological achievements is 26, has the core technology of cold installation engineering, has obtained more than 40 national patents, and has obtained 47 construction methods above the provincial level in recent years, and are applied to projects under construction。In 2019, another 9 patents were declared and accepted。The Group has also established deep cooperation relations with Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Forestry University, Heilongjiang Vocational and Technical College of Architecture, Harbin Vocational College, etc,All these have played a facilitating role in our successful declaration of high prices,And the future maintenance of high work also requires us to continue research and development,Continuously obtain independent intellectual property rights,Continuous transformation of results,So as to stimulate our research and development enthusiasm more widely,Enhance R&D capability,Strengthen transformation,Truly achieve high-quality development of enterprises。

Q: What advantages can high enterprise bring to our group?

In concept, high-tech enterprises continue to conduct research and development and transform technological achievements within the scope of the "High-tech Fields Supported by the State" promulgated by the State, form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out business activities on this basis, and are knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entities。Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, to promote the transformation of enterprise science and technology, innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development, high-tech enterprise identification policy is a guiding policy, the purpose is to guide enterprises to adjust the industrial structure, take the development path of independent innovation and continuous innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprise independent innovation, improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation

Second, enhance the corporate brand image,High recognition will effectively improve the management level of science and technology research and development of enterprises,Improve the core competitiveness of enterprises,It can provide a strong qualification advantage for the group in the market competition,Greatly enhance the brand image,Gaoqi is a rare national qualification certification for us,It is an indispensable hard brand for the high-quality development of enterprises,Its brand influence and "China famous brand products.,China famous trademark,National inspection-free products"。

3. Enjoy preferential tax relief policies,On the one hand,The income tax rate of certified high-tech enterprises will be reduced by 10%,A preferential tax rate of 15% is applicable,This is equivalent to a reduction of 40% from the original basis;On the other hand,Research and development expenses are not recorded in the current profit or loss as intangible assets,Deduct 75% of the actual amount before tax,The formation of intangible assets is amortized at 175% of the cost of intangible assets before tax,(The higher the percentage of deductions before tax,The higher the pre-tax deduction,The less you pay in taxes)

Fourth, is the prerequisite for the declaration of provincial enterprise technology innovation center, we in the declaration of high enterprise at the same time, also submitted to the provincial science and technology Department of technology innovation center declaration materials, after the approval of high enterprise, the provincial technology innovation center has also been approved for storage, for the group to declare the special qualification reserve the necessary conditions。

Fifth, enjoy the priority policy, improve the market value and capital value of enterprises, high-tech enterprises can be given priority to obtain the approval of office and industrial land, can be prioritized in the government procurement list, increase recruitment, bidding efforts and bonus points, enjoy the priority loan policy and financing policy, is also one of the important conditions to enter the capital market。

In the future, high-tech enterprises will have more advantages in the operation and maintenance process。

      Q: In the next step, as a national high-tech enterprise, what are the key measures of the Group in scientific and technological innovation?

At present, the Group has enjoyed the corresponding preferential policies given by the state to high-tech enterprises。In the future, the national high-tech enterprises will also bring many benefits to the group, such as the increase of market capital value and the improvement of corporate reputation, and the management work of the group will be further standardized accordingly。The "high-tech enterprise" certificate of Longjiang Installation Group was obtained,Is the group under the strong leadership of the provincial construction and investment Group,Adhere to scientific development,The result of promoting the reform, development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises;Is the whole group lift "one position.,The crystallization of the implementation of the "Four changes" strategic plan;It is the only way to promote the group to high-level professional development;Is the "new business card" of Longjiang Installation brand image。今后,The Group will continue to pursue the strategy of developing enterprises based on science and technology,Focus on building technological innovation capacity of enterprises,To build a science and technology enterprise as the goal,The introduction of scientific and technological research and development talents is eclectic,We will increase funding for scientific research,Step up research and development of independent intellectual property rights,We will promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements,We will continue to promote technological innovation and progress of enterprises,Lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of enterprises,Write a more magnificent forging chapter!